Classifications, Categories and Divisions

Choose one of the following entry classifications and categories for each entry. Note: Some entry categories will require a subcategory choice.

Web-based Digital Health

  • Banner Ad (single ad)
  • Banner Ad Series* (multiple part banner ad series covering the same topic)
  • Content Management System (web-based application which allows for health content publishing and management)
  • Digital Health Curation (service that curates and recommends digital health resources and devices)
  • Directory / Ratings / Guides (online physician directories; consumer health guides, etc.)
  • E-Business (e-retailing / e-commerce / retail sales)
  • Forum / Message Board
  • Health Records (EHRs / PHRs, etc.)
  • Infographic (information, data, or knowledge presented in a graphic format)
  • Infographic Series* (multiple part infographic series covering the same topic)
  • Interactive Content / Rich Media (online games, interactive forms and quizzes, symptom checkers, etc.)
  • Intranet
  • Microsite
  • Payments / Processing (health transaction payments systems; charge capture, etc.)
  • Portal (choose subcategory)
    • Chronic Disease (online resources helping patients monitor / manage chronic health issues)
    • Patient Education (patient communications—scheduling / registration / test results / education / patient—health professional e-mail communications, etc.)
    • Physician / Clinician
  • Responsive Website Design (website designed to adjust for view on a computer, smartphone or tablet)
  • Web-based Resource / Tool (tracking / monitoring / coaching / care coordination resources)
  • Webinar
  • Webinar Series* (multiple part webinar series covering the same topic)
  • Website
  • Other / Miscellaneous Web-based Digital Health

Digital Health Media / Publications

(Platforms: Web-based, Mobile) 

  • Article (single article)
  • Article Series* (multiple part article series covering the same topic)
  • Audio* (streaming or downloadable audio; podcast, webcast, etc.)
  • Audio Series* (multiple part audio series covering the same topic)
  • Blog Post
  • Blog Post Series* (multiple part blog post series covering the same topic)
  • Book* (50+ pages in length)
  • Booklet/Brochure (single booklet or brochure that is less than 50 pages in length. Longer booklets must be submitted in the "Book" category.)
  • Booklet/Brochure Series* (multiple part booklet or brochure series covering the same topic)
  • Case Study (single report showing examples/metrics of how a particular solution solved an issue)
  • Editorial Animation (animation that provides visual support for a digital publication such as an article, blog post, newsletter, etc.)
  • Editorial Illustration (illustration that provides visual support for a digital publication such as an article, blog post, newsletter, etc.)
  • E-mail (single e-mail communication that is not an eNewsletter. eNewsletters should be submitted into the Newsletter category)
  • E-mail Series* (multiple part email covering the same topic)
  • Logo (single logo)
  • Magazine* (single issue)
  • Newsletter (single issue)
  • Newsletter Series* (multiple part newsletter series covering the same topic)
  • Medical Education (CME, etc.)
  • Medical Animation (single animation)
  • Medical Illustration (single illustration)
  • Video* (streaming or downloadable video; podcast, vlog, webcast, etc.)
  • Video Series* (multiple part video series covering the same topic)
  • White Paper (single report or guide)
  • Other / Miscellaneous Digital Health Media / Publication (single publication)

Digital Health — Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Other / Miscellaneous Social Media

Mobile Digital Health Resources*

(Formats: Smartphone, Tablet, Responsive Design)

  • Mobile Website 
  • Mobile Application  
  • Text Messaging
  • Other / Miscellaneous Mobile Digital Health Resource

Note: For our mobile categories, entrants must also select whether the entry is produced for a smartphone, tablet, or incorporates responsive design (scales for optimal viewing on any device).

Connected Digital Health 

(Digital health programs / resources that involve 2 or more platforms. Examples: digital health device and mobile app; wearable and social media)

  • Clinical Decision Support Tools
  • Consumer Directed Digital Health Programs
  • Clinical Mobility Tools
  • Disease Management / Population Health Management
  • Medication Compliance / Adherence
  • Point-of-Care Programs
  • Research / Clinical Trials
  • Telehealth / Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Other / Miscellaneous Connected Digital Health

Personal Digital Health Devices / Wearables

  • Activity / Fitness Trackers
  • Personal Emergency Response System
  • Remote Monitoring (blood pressure, glucose, etc.)
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Smart Clothing
  • Smart Patch
  • Smart Scale
  • Smart Watch
  • Wearable sensor
  • Other / Miscellaneous Digital Health Device / Wearable

*Extra fee applies due to extra processing involved and/or additional time required for judging.

Entry Divisions

Choose one of the following entry divisions (type of organization that produced the entry):

  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
  • Association / Professional Society / Non-Profit
  • Business — 500+ employees 
  • Business — less than 500 employees
  • Consumer Product Company 
  • Educational Institution (College or University / Professional School / Secondary School)
  • Government (Federal / State / Local)
  • Health Insurer 
  • Health System
  • Hospital — under 250 beds
  • Hospital — 250-499 beds
  • Hospital — 500+ beds
  • Medical Equipment / Device Manufacturer 
  • Media / Publishing
  • Medical Communications Agency
  • Nurses / Allied Health Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Pharmacy / Drug Store
  • Physicians / Medical Practices
  • Other / Miscellaneous

*Some entry categories and options require extra fees due to extra processing involved and/or additional time required for judging.

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